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Hanurang Sagwarang Festival

Jangsu Beef & Apple Festival

Jangsu Beef & Apple Festival

As a representative festival taking advantage of the county’s special agricultural and livestock products and integral forestry resources, it promotes citizen participation from the drafting stage to make a win-win event both for producers and consumers.
As an eco-friendly festival harmonizing with Mother Nature, it aims to enhance the public image of excellent agricultural and livestock specialties and promote development of the local community, attracting many visitors every year. As a festival specializing in the agricultural and livestock products having the color red including beef, apples, omija and tomatoes, it was designed to build the self-confidence of local citizens by promoting citizen participation.


  • Time & Place, 1 week before Chuseok as a three-day event, in and around Uiam Park, Jangsu-gun (Dusan-ri, Jangsu-eup)
  • Tel.: Agricultural Technology Center Agricultural Income Div. +82-63-350-5447, 5449,
    Jangsu Honoring Sugaring Festival Promotion Committee +82-63-350-2844-5


  • Beef market, Jangsu beef and apple evaluation, thematic exhibitions on beef and apple, beef self-restaurant, apple-picking, special agricultural products exhibition and market, National beef dish competition, Sleeping with the Enemy, various rural experiences, various competitions and contests

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