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Apple Orchard (Cyber Farm)

Apple Growing Program (Cyber Farm)

Apple Growing Program (Cyber Farm)

By distributing apple trees, special local products of Jangsu County, to urban people, children can learn about farming and rural life and adults can feel the importance of rural region and the nostalgia for their hometown.
Jangsu County distributes an apple tree to those who apply on a first-come-first-serve basis at the beginning of each year. This distribution is for one year and the trees are managed by Jangsu-gun (Apple Test) or by individual cyber farm houses (individual apple farm). People can check the growth process of the tree assigned to them and learn information about apples from cyber space. They can participate in apple farm activities such as deblossoming, fruit thinning, pruning and others along with their family on weekends and have a fun time at apple harvesting events.


  • Tel.: Jangsu Agricultural Technology Center (Apple Test)

Experience programs

  • Apple-related programs, harvesting potato

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