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Welcome! to Jangsu County

Jangan Cultural Arts Village

Jangan Cultural Arts Village

Jangan Cultural Arts Village

A rustic and peaceful town under the shadow of Jangansan Mountain, the 9 people who preserve traditional Korean culture and arts and promote it to waft out like the scent of beautiful wildflowers have gathered to open the Jangan Cultural Arts Village.
The village was established to pursue the following activities: art experiences with artists, cultural activities with rural communities, creative activities with genuine Korean culture and spiritual activities for the globalization of Korean culture. Along with personal creative activities, activities for the local community are also in operation including ‘Finding Inky Black’, ‘Goblin Festival’ and ‘Urban-Rural Exchange Student Program’. Diverse Citizen Participation programs are prepared and are in operation, demonstrating its development along with the local culture.


  • Address: 315-5, Jangansan-ro, Gyenam-myeon, Jangsu-gun (old Jangan Primary School)
  • Tel.: Village Leader Lee Bong-hee +82-63-352-4560, +82-10-2648-7748
  • http://cafe.daumnet/jangan1

Experience programs

  • Woodcraft (Lee Bong-hee +82-10-2648-7748)
  • Pottery (Roh Shin-hwan +82-10-3471-8422)
  • Natural dyeing (Mun Jeong-sok +82-10-3670-2493)
  • Four Treasures of the Study (Go Bong-tae +82-10-8881-2493)

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