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Mr. Baek of Sunui-ri

Sunuiri Mr. Baek

Sunuiri Mr. Baek

In the 4th year of the reign of the King Sukjong of the Joseon Dynasty, then-Governor of Jangsu Jo Jong-myeon was heading to the Jeonju Provincial Office on horseback. As he passed the rock slope in front of Jangcheok Village, Cheoncheon-myeon, a pheasant dozing in the woods, surprised by the noise of the horse’s hooves, in turn surprised the horse, which lost its footing and both horse and the governor fell from the cliff to the rapids of Baeriso. As the governor was lost in the rapids, his servant Mr. Baek blamed himself for his master’s death. He bit his finger and with his own blood traced a picture of the pheasant and the horse, crying as he wrote two letters Ta and Ru on the rock. He then leapt to his death in the waters below. In 1802, Choi Su-hyeong, then governor of Jangsu, raised a stone monument to raise awareness of the loyalty of the servant and named it Tarubi Stone Monument.

Address : 4, Jangjaul-ro, Cheoncheon-myeon, Jangsu-gun (Tarubi)

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