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Faithful Servant Jeong Gyeong-son

Chungbok Jeong Gyeong-son

Chungbok Jeong Gyeong-son

The Japanese General Sohancheonryungyeong’s military troops invaded Jangsu over Yuksimryeong Hill during the Jeongyu War. As the troops were trying to enter the gate, Jeong Gyeong-son, guardian of the shrine, sat on his legs in the middle of the courtyard of the shrine and read the Confucian classics with the gate closed tightly, saying that they would have to ‘Cut my neck to enter’. The Japanese troops were moved by his confident spirit and left the shrine after attaching a note to the gate that said ‘Impenetrable Sacred Ground’. His brave action prevented the shrine from being damaged and preserved it intact compared with other shrines that were damaged or burned in other areas. His stringent responsibility and his excellent action in protecting the shrine was commemorated as the former governor of Jangsu erected a monument in the 12th year of the reign of the King Heonjong (1846). The monument is engraved with letters commemorating his bravery and loyalty.

Address : 31-14, Hyanggyo-gil, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun (Jangsu Hyanggyo Shrine)

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