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Deoksan Valley (Yongso)

Deoksan Valley (Yongso)

Deoksan Valley (Yongso)

The most beautiful valley in the Jangansan County Park, it boasts a magnificent view of dense virgin forest, clean water and strange rock formations.
The valley offers visitors a breathtaking view along with dense primeval forest and two clean streams that run from the valley, where two dragons were said to have once lived. Ten small and large ponds and 20 unique rock formations including Dragon Rock, Holy Spirit Rock, Minister Rock and small valleys such as Eungol, Jeolgol and Gamgol are in the landscape of greater harmony.


  • Address: 772, Deoksan-ri, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • Tel.: Forest Div. +82-63-350-2444

Tourist info

  • Nature Reserve (cooking is prohibited)

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