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Waryong Recreational Forest

Waryong Recreational Forest

Waryong Recreational Forest

As the origin source of the Geumgang River, located at an altitude of 650 – 1,200 m, it provides the perfect vacation destination throughout the whole year where visitors can enjoy walking in the woods along the clean valley water called Cheonggangsu.
It boasts a well-created mountain path that connects Ogyechi, the five value peaks (Sirubong Peak) and valley basins that looks like a salmon, and the many surrounding mountains. As a habitat for wildflowers and wild animals along with its clean valley water, it is equipped with a four-season forest bathing site, a house in the woods, a training center, outdoor classroom, camp sites and other convenience facilities, two mountain climbing trails, four-seasons artificial water (snow) sledding slope, swimming pool, walking trail and gym.


  • Address: 632, Biryong-ro, Cheoncheon-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Tel: +82-63-353-1404, 350-2493


Classification General Youth, Soldier Children Others
Individual 2,000 won 1,500 won 1,000 won Exempted for those ages 65 and older
Group 1,500 won 1,000 won 700 won For a group of more than 30 people


Facility Area Charge (month)/day
High season Low season
Cottage 29.7㎡ 60,000 42,000
Owl room 33㎡ 70,000 49,000
Scops owl room 33㎡ 70,000 49,000
Bigger cottage 42.9㎡ 80,000 56,000
Forest culture recreation hall 50.8/59.5㎡ 90,000/150,000 63,000/105,000
Training house 264㎡ 300,000  
Conference room 132㎡ 25,000/hour
Wooden bench 67 units With cover 20,000/without cover 10,000
Tent Camp site 1, 2, 3 Small 5,000/big 10,000
Water sledding slope, swimming pool In integrated operation Adult, teenager 6,000/ children 4,000

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