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Welcome! to Jangsu County

Banghwadong Family Resort

Banghwadong Family Resort

Banghwadong Family Resort

A public resort, it is located along a clean valley and the Jangansan Mountain range, one of the eight greatest mountains in Korea.
As Korea’s first resort for families, it stretches from Jangansan Valley to Deoksanyongso Valley. Established in a beautiful natural environment where dense forests harmonize with clean water, it is the best site for a family vacation. Major facilities include an auto camping site, camp site, family recreation place, waterside picnic place and sports equipment.


  • Address: 778, Banghwadong-ro, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Tel.: +82-63-353-0855, 350-2562

Climbing Trail

  • Trail 1 (3 hours)
    • Banghwadong Family Resort - Deoksan Valley (Yongso) - Beomyeon-dong - Top of Jangansan
  • Trail 2 (1 hour)
    • Banghwadong Family Resort - Deoksan Valley (Yongso)


Classification General Youth, Soldier Children Others
Individual 2,000 won 1,500 won 1,000 won Exempted for those ages 65 and older
Group 1,500 won 1,000 won 700 won For a group of more than 30 people


  • Small tent (up to 5 people): 5,000 won/day
  • Big tent (more than 5 people): 10,000 won/day
  • Wooden bench: 10,000 won/day
  • Electricity: 3,000 won/day

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