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Welcome! to Jangsu County

County Tree, County Bird, County Flower

County Tree

County Tree(Pine Tree)

  • Pine Tree(Uiamsong: Natural Monument No. 397)
  • Evenly distributed along Namdeogyusan, Jangansan, and Palgongsan mountains, pine trees symbolize the efforts of the county citizens who overcome difficulties toward a new future and the future-oriented citizens’ sentiment for its upright and tenacious characters.

County Bird

County Bird(Pigeon)

  • Pigeon
  • The pigeon symbolizes good-natured and peace-loving citizens of the county who make a livelihood based on a solid and robust leap forward for energetic soaring.

County Flower

County Flower(Korean Azalea)

  • Korean Azalea
  • It is prolific through cutting and seedlings; its flower blossoms from April to June. Its beautiful and splendid flowers are used for garden or park landscaping. The flowers, which blossom at the same time, symbolize the county’s prosperity and spirit of unity; the elegant flowers also represent the warm and innocent characteristics of the citizens.

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