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Welcome! to Jangsu County


Everywhere your step reaches in Jangsu, nature gives you rest.

Jangsu, where 76% of the land is mountainous, is a popular vacation spot for its clear water and clean air from the deep valley. One of Korea's eight tallest mountains, Jangansan stands tall in the county; it is where a watershed for the Geumgang River and Seomjingang River is located as well as the source region of the Geumgang River.

Jangsu apples, famous for their high sugar content and beautiful color, Omija and Gobdol (agalmatolite) Stoneware, cow raised on the clean highland area with an altitude of 700m, and an indigenous species of pig of Jangsu-gun are special local products of the county.

It is also the place of the oldest Confucian school, Jangsuhyanggyo, which survived the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 and remained intact; it is the birthplace of Nongae, who sacrificed herself, along with a Japanese general into the river, killing them both. As the town of fidelity, it is also a birthplace of one of the 33 independence movements: Baek, Yong-Seong.

We are grateful for your visit to Jangsu County, and I hope you make beautiful memories here.

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